Nairobi’s Shauri Moyo’s Estate on Fire [VIDEO]

An image of Shauri Moyo fire
  • A section of Nairobi’s Shauri Moyo estate was razed down by a fire that broke out on Wednesday, September 1.

    Videos obtained by showed residents rushing into their houses as the fire bellowed through the roofs in an attempt to salvage their properties.

    Others stood by as they watched the fire burn down property of an unknown value lamenting that they will have to spend the night out in the cold.

    Nairobi county firefighters were yet to arrive at the scene by the time this article was published.

    Residents of Blue Estate in Nairobi trying to put out a fire on Tuesday 13 October 2020.
    Dominic Mwangi

    The inferno spread very fast due to the close proximity of houses in the estate leaving residents with little chance of containing it.

    The fire razed down an entire line of the iron houses barely a year after another blaze broke out at Blue Estate in Shauri Moyo, which torched a number of houses.

    Firefighters had a tough time accessing the source of fire as they struggled to manoeuvre around the estate with the fire getting out of control.

    Traffic was reported on the adjacent roads of the estate as residents and firefighters struggled to put off the fire that was spreading very fast to other houses.

    Residents mobilising themselves to put out the inferno.

    According to Dominic Mwangi who was present at the scene during the incident, the fire is suspected to have been caused by an electrical fault.

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