Nairobians Access Free Wi-Fi in Newly Built Centres

DP William Ruto (in black shirt) with Embakasi West MP George Theuri (in hat) during a public event in March 2021.
  • Nairobians living in Embakasi West constituency can now access free Wi-Fi following the establishment of ICT Hubs in the area.

    The centres have been set up by the National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NGCDF) located in various parts of the constituency.

    In March 2021, Embakasi West MP George Theuri invited Deputy President William Ruto to open one of the centres located in Umoja 2 Chief’s camp.

    DP William Ruto (in black shirt) with Embakasi West MP George Theuri (in hat) during a public event in March 2021.

    The other centres are at PCMA Kwa Maji Police Post in Mowlem ward and the City cotton ICT hub located at City Cotton Community Centre.

    In addition to the free internet services, youth can access free training of the Ajira portal which is government programmed geared towards enhancing youth employment in Kenya through online jobs.

    The Umoja 2 ICT hub located at Umoja Chief's office.
    The Umoja 2 ICT hub located at Umoja Chief’s office.

    According to the ICT Ministry, the initiative would enable the youth in the country to acquire digital skills that could enable them to get temporary online jobs to enable them to fend for themselves. The skills include software development and transcription services.

    “Feel free to visit anytime for free registration. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the free training since online is the future,” Theuri advised.

    He further revealed that there were plans to open a fourth innovation hub in Umoja 1 area.

    “My motivation is to encourage people to venture online as an alternative way to seek opportunities because that is the new wave in exploring digital skills,” he told

    Earlier on, Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) announced plans to offer free Wifi for city residents.

    Speaking in January 2021, NMS Director-General Mohamed Badi explained that the project was part of a plan to modernize and improve parks within Nairobi County.  

    When implemented, residents in Nairobi would be able to access free Wifi in green spaces including Michuki Park, City Park, Central and Uhuru Parks, Jevanjee Gardens, Jamhuri Park and Ngong Road Forest.

    Youth at the ICT Hub in Umoja
    Youth at the ICT Hub in Umoja, Nairobi.

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