Nairobi Woman Admits Framing Nigerian in Ksh31M Scam

An empty court room.
  • A woman residing in Nairobi, Bella Bronislavia, has admitted to framing a Nigerian man, Edwin Chukwudiebere Okoye in a Ksh31 million scam in December 2020. 

    Bella acknowledged that she conspired to have Okoye jailed after accusing him of defrauding her the amount of money in question. 

    The suspect and the plaintiff appeared virtually before Magistrate Derrick Kutto at Kibera court, with the latter disclosing that she loaned the former the money for investment in his business. 

    Bella added that the duo were not intimate partners as earlier reported. Initial reports alleged that the two met at the famous B Club in Kilimani, Nairobi where they started dating. 

    An empty court room.

    In documents tabled before the magistrate, the defence side revealed that the Nairobi woman transferred the money in batches of Ksh1 million, Ksh5 million (thrice), Ksh6 million and Ksh8 million between December 2017 and March 2018.

    Bella further admitted that Okoye refunded her Ksh500,00 days prior to the suspect being apprehended by the police.  

    She was unable to explain to the court why she resorted to incriminate Okoye and for also, lying to the court despite voluntarily assisting the suspect. 

    The accused had been charged with acquiring money by false pretences. The court heard that Okoye obtained the money from the complainant allegedly to finance government tenders he had won.

    He was also accused of hatching a plan which alleged that he would introduce new phones into the Kenyan tech market. 

    The two had been allowed to solve the matter amicably and reported to the magistrate with their settlement plan.  

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