Nairobi Man Goes Viral With CBD Robbery Narration

Buses parked at a stage in Nairobi
  • A Nairobi resident has gone viral with a narration of how he was mugged in the Central Business District (CBD) by three men as Kenyans watched.

    Kevo Kiptindiyo narrated that the gang confronted him at around 7 pm and started accusing him of taking off and leaving his wife and kids struggling at his rural home.

    During this time, they ransacked his pockets and stole any valuables they could get.   

    Buses parked at a stage in Nairobi.
    Daily Nation

    Witnesses watched in dismay as the dramatic events unfolded and no one offering a helping hand.

    “Pale OTC I was mugged by three men at  7pm.They were claiming to be my relatives ati wananirudisha home nilitiroka nyumbani nikaacha bibi na watoto wakiteseka (I was at the OTC stage when three men confronted me claiming to be my relatives and they claimed they wanted to return me home to take care of my abandoned wife and kids). .. .while ransacking my pockets. Nobody came to my rescue (sic).”

    His narration led other Kenyans to also give similar accounts, highlighting how criminals are coming up with rather clever tricks to rob their victims. 

    “You haven’t met that gang that used to tickle you. Everyone around you thinks you are weirdly having fun with friends,” a netizen stated.

    “There is a man who lied to people that I was his sister. He told everyone that I did not want to go home and then he robbed me of my laptop and school fees,” another weighed in.

    Haggai Chogo, a security expert based in Nairobi told that one can raise alarm with police patrolling the areas as well as have CCTV footages reviewed.

    He added that victims and members of the public should contact police hotline numbers in case of such cases.

    Chogo, however, indicated that there were police officers who colluded with robbers to rob Nairobians.

    “These officers have worked on these streets for ages and they know what happens and who is a robber. At times they can patrol around and pretend to be working only to leave later when residents are relaxed,” he stated as he urged the officers to shun from the behaviour.

    Matatu Bus Stop Sign at GPO Stage, Along Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi. Monday, October 21, 2019
    Matatu Bus Stop Sign at GPO Stage, Along Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi. Monday, October 21, 2019

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