Nairobi Cab Driver Inspires Kenyans After Completing Law School

File image of Kenyan bank notes
  • Nairobi-based Mutua Mugambi expressed his joy as he completed his final paper at the Kenya School of Law on Thursday noon, June 29, 2021. 

    The lawyer, however, inspired his fellow Kenyans after he revealed that he had paid his law school fees by working as a cab driver. 

    Speaking to, Mutua reflected on his journey and how he managed the calm before the storm. 

    File image of Kenyan bank notes

    After graduating from Kenyatta University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Law, he, like any other lawyer, proceeded to apply for the post-graduate diploma program at the Kenya School of Law aspiring to be admitted to the bar.

    During this period, he managed to combine the monies gotten from his side hustles with an acquired loan to purchase a 2012 Toyota Passo. 

    He used the vehicle to venture into the cab business and it was then that time came to pay his tuition fees of Ksh145,000 in January 2020.

    Despite his savings from the business, he was left with a deficit restricting him from joining the school. Fortunately, the school advised him to join as he cleared the balance in instalments. 

    With the effect of the pandemic on the world, schools were closed and people were in lockdown which affected the cab business. This prompted him to seek another alternative of generating money catering for his total expenses. 

    This is where he and his girlfriend decided to start an online business in order to invest his earnings from the cab business to profit from the online business. 

    Mutua further acquired another advance of Ksh50,000 catered to clear his tuition fees. The online business then generated double of the profits got from his cab business allowing him to pay for his exams costing Ksh55,000. 
    Reflecting on his achievement, Mutua further commended his consistence and determination. 

    “Now that it is all done, I can only look back and smile. I’ve done over 90,000km with this [little beast] car. God has always kept me safe and determined. Journey on,” commented Mutua.

    Mugambi awaits his results eager to embark on his conquest in becoming an advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

    “The exams are not easy but I am hopeful that I’ll pass the exams as I was reading,” commented Mutua.

    The Kenya School of Law (KSL) located in Karen, Nairobi.
    The Kenya School of Law (KSL) located in Karen, Nairobi.
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