My Daughter Disowned Me – Wife of Machakos Man Framed for Rape [VIDEO]

Julius Wambua and his daughter Dorcas when they left the Kamiti Maximum Prison on December 18, 2020.
  • Jacqueline Nzilani, the wife of Julius Wambua opened up on her daughter disowning her and also shared details of her next plans in life after the former husband was released from jail.

    Wambua had been accused of defiling her daughter, Dorcas Mwende, in 2010 and had spent 10 years in prison. However, the ruling was overturned and the court exonerated him in December 2020 after Wambua and Nzilani’s daughter, Mwende, recanted her testimony.

    Mwende also alleged that her mother had coached her into framing the father out of personal feuds.

    Speaking exclusively to on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, Nzilani lamented that her daughter had rejected her. However, the mother said she had no ill feelings for the child she gave birth too and struggled to provide for. 

    Julius Wambua and his daughter Dorcas Mwende when they left the Kamiti Maximum Prison on December 18, 2020.

    “When the story was aired on TV showing that Wambua had been released, Mwende escaped from our Makadara, Nairobi home and went to live somewhere else.

    “My neighbours asked me whether I was her real mother as she had told them that I was an aunt. Before that, we were very close and I once took her daughter (my granddaughter) for treatment,” she told reporter Kimani Mbugua. 

    Nzilani reiterated her stance, arguing that the husband raped the daughter after the couple parted ways in 2010. 

    By then, the former husband had remarried, but the children were staying in a separate house from their stepmother. 

    She defended her statement with a doctor’s letter which she obtained after reporting the incident. Mwende’s mother argued that she had never lied to anyone in her entire life. 

    The two clashing parties were set to meet up after Wambua was released, but Nzilani turned down the offer to reunite. She said that she was hurt by her daughter disowning her and the husband reportedly lying that she sold their land after planning his downfall. 

    “He is the one who secretly sold the land. I never received any share at all. Even the Ksh 75,000 he says he offered me is a pure lie. 

    “We have never spoken on the issue again. Mwende ako na madharau na hajawai niambia mambo ya maisha yao (Mwende looks down upon me and never shares details of their life. She even told reporters that I am not her mother yet I strived to feed her when we were facing a hard life under the father,” she stated, with tears nearly trickling down her eyes. 

    Nzilani further said that she won’t forgive Wambua and that she wasn’t interested in his forgiveness either. She disclosed that she would live her own life, do menial jobs to make ends meet and only urge the former husband to stop shaming her. 

    “Mwende has never even asked me to forgive the father. I would have opened up and forgiven him. Even my in-laws have never approached me to ask me to solve the issue. 

    Uyo mwanaume aache kuniaibisha na kusema niliuza shamba. Akuje anionieshe ni shamba gani hio. (Let him prove that I sold the land). I fear God more than man,” she declared. 

    Jacqueline Nzilani (left) in an interview with journalist Kimani Mbugua on Tuesday, January 12, 2020

    Watch the detailed exclusive interview below 


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