Mudavadi Unveils New Party Secretary General

 Simon Gikuru the new ANC Secretary General
  • Amani National Congress Party (ANC) has announced youthful city lawyer Simon Gikuru Kamau as its newly appointed secretary General. 

    ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi named Simon Gakuru as the acting party Secretary-General replacing political analyst Barrack Muluka. 

    Mudavadi noted that the appointment was part of the party’s initiative to work with the youth. 

    Simon Gikuru the new ANC Secretary General

    The party leader making the announcement in Meru, highlighted that the young lawyer had what it takes to champion the party ideals to greater heights. 

    In August last year, Muluka resigned from the position of party secretary-general. 

    He based his reason for resigning being attributed to him wanting to pursue other interests, decongest the space around the party leader and allow Mudavadi to make political choices in the coming polls. 

    Muluka’s exit was followed by the resignation of Eliud Owalo – who had played a critical role in ANC strategy.

    Before joining ANC, Owalo was the former campaign manager for Raila Odinga in the 2013 election but later left ODM for ANC in 2018. 

    The new secretary general highlighted that through the party leader, ANC had shown the willingness to work with the youth. 

    “Musalia Mudavadi has shown faith in the youth this part as you can see is for the youth as you can also see Senator Malala and even the party leader is a young man.†the new secretary general highlighted. 

    Gikuru also urged the youth who were wishing to vie for positions through ANC to work with the party regional chairpersons. 

    “We as the youth have been challenged and I believe we have the chance to work together to pray for our country and support Musalia Mudavadi.†he added. 

    ANC Secretary General Simon Gakuru addressing the public
    ANC Secretary General Simon Gakuru addressing the public in Meru September 19, 2021