Mt Kenya University Takes Measures After Student Kills 4 Relatives

Relatives and residents of Karura village grief outside the home of a Kiambu family that was murdered
  • Mt Kenya University (MKU) has launched a fully-fledged program to support the youth in tackling mental health issues after one of their students was linked to murder.

    Lawrence Warunge, 23-year-old IT student from the university hit the headlines after he confessed to killing his parents, brother, cousin and a farm hand.

    In a statement, the University stated that the project would be spearheaded  by MKU co-founder and board member Dr Jane Nyutu, who recently graduated with a doctorate degree in Counselling Psychology.

    Relatives and residents of Karura village grief outside the home of a Kiambu family that was murdered.
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    “She has endeavored to use her expertise and skills in solving the learners’ psychological problems, arrest indiscipline in learning institutions and help the youth cope with the effects of Covid-19 pandemic,” reads the statement.

    MKU Chairman Prof Simon Gicharu expressed confidence that the program would have a positive impact on the society and be beneficial to the university fraternity.

    “I know that I have a partner who understands the youth, the education system and MKU’s vision better. I trust the PhD will give her more resolve to make the institution a better place and help students tackle this emerging giant of mental health issues.”

    Professor Gicharu noted that the institution was more committed to making the necessary change in line with the school’s mission of providing world-class education, research and innovation for global transformation and sustainable development.

    “It is clear that our young people are not okay, actually have not been in a long time and we can’t continue to sit down and watch anymore,” reads the statement.

    Teachers from across the country have raised concerns over a worrying trend among students since the resumption of learning on January 4, 2021.

    There have been rising cases of students’ cases of indiscipline with two separate cases of learners attacking their teachers reported.

    The two assault incidents occurred in Kisii and Nyamira, involving students from Kisii School and Mokwerero Secondary School.

    The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has since condemned the attacks on teachers and asked Kenyans to help mentor students across the country.

    MKU Chairman Prof Simon Gicharu
    MKU Chairman Prof Simon Gicharu

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