Motorist Bites Police Officer’s Ear

A man in handcuffs behind bars
  • A motorist was arrested and arraigned in court for biting a police officer during a confrontation at a filling station along Limuru Road Parklands, Nairobi.

    The suspect was accused of biting the police officer’s ear when he tried to de-escalate a confrontation at the fuel station.

    According to court documents, the suspect became unruly after he was asked by the fuel station’s security guards to park his vehicle aside and minimize the traffic jam at the entrance.

    He parked his vehicle and walked back to confront and threaten the guards. 

    A man in handcuffs behind bars

    Kibera Law Courts’ Senior Principal Magistrate Philip Mutua heard that the suspect threatened the guards telling them that he was a police officer and he would take action against them.

    The confrontation attracted members of the public and three police officers who were in civilian clothes patrolling the area.

    Police Constable John Anyosa Ogweno was among the cops who responded to the commotion and interrogated the suspect to establish if he was a member of the National Police Service.

    Ogweno and his colleagues asked the suspect to provide his workstation and number but he could not furnish them with the details.

    The suspect gave the police officers a four-digit number as opposed to the six-digit police number stating he was officer Rono attached at the Rongai police station.

    But the cops were not convinced and they asked the suspect to present his certificate of appointment which he failed to provide.

    The three cops established that the man was impersonating an officer and when they tried to arrest him, he resisted, prompting another violent confrontation.

    In the process of arrest, the suspect bit the constable’s ear and left him nursing injuries. 

    File image of a petrol station
    File image of a petrol station
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