Mother of Kiambu Businessman Reveals Details of Phone Call With Gladys Chania


  • The mother of slain Kiambu businessman has revealed intricate details of the phone call conversation she had with her daughter-in-law minutes after her son’s body was found in Kieni Forest, Kiambu County. 

    Speaking to the press, Priscilla Wanjiru noted that she received a call from Kiambu-based politician, Gladys Chania informing her that her son had disappeared. 

    Wanjiru urged Chania to file a report at the nearest police station for detectives to take over the matter and trace him.

    Photo collage between the deceased matrimonial home and DCI detectives collecting samples on Friday October 14, 2022
    Photo collage between the deceased matrimonial home and DCI detectives collecting samples on Friday, October 14, 2022.

    “The wife called me to inform me that he was missing. I urged her to file a report at the police station for officers to take action,” she stated.

    The mother pointed out that she received another phone call hours later from Chania who informed her that her son’s body was found in Kieni forest

    “Nine hours later, the wife called back and informed them that the deceased had been found at Kieni forest. She had been called to identify the body.

    Still reeling in shock at the news of her son’s demise, Wanjiru noted that she was lost for words when the wife became the prime suspect in the murder and was detained by police. According to the mother, the couple did not seem to have any marital disputes. 

    “I have never heard them bickering but since they stay far away and at times he would stay for long without paying a visit, it would be hard to know,” she stated. 

    Further, the mother revealed the last time they met with her son before he was reported missing. She noted that during the family function, he did not show any suspicious behaviour or did not exhibit any signs of fear. 

    “We met two days before, to celebrate the birthday of grandparents who were marking 90 years. We greeted each other and he said he is going to his Mang’u home. That was the last time and I did not see any problem with him,” she added. 

    The family has since urged police officers to expedite the investigations in a bid to unravel the mysterious murder. 

    Detectives privy to the matter continue to guard the deceased’s home in Mang’u area where the murder weapons, blood-socked curtains and clothes were recovered. 

    The detectives are also trying to locate a farmhand who was reported missing on the day the businessman’s body was found. 

    Earlier reports indicated that the farmhand, who worked for the deceased for many years, was set to hand over to a new farmhand on the day he disappeared.

    Police officers at a kidnapping scene
    DCI officers combing through a crime scene
    weapon murder probe suspect
  • Source: kENYANS.CO.KE


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