Mother & Daughter Graduate With PhD

Dr Leen Kavulavu (left) and her mother Dr Anne Mugalavai take a photo at the Moi University on Thursday, December 10
  • A mother and her daughter were conferred with doctorate degrees at the Moi University in a virtual ceremony on Thursday, December 10.

    Anne Mugalavai, 58, and Leen Kavulavu, 33, were among 200 students who were invited to attend the ceremony at the graduation square.

    Mugalavai was awarded a PhD in Information Science while Kavulavu graduated with a PhD in education as the Standard reported.

    Dr Leen Kavulavu (left) and her mother Dr Anne Mugalavai take a photo at the Moi University on Thursday, December 10
    The Standard

    Narrating her life’s journey, Mugalavi stated that she completed her secondary school 38 years ago at Butere Girls High School. The following year she enrolled for a diploma at the Kenya Polytechnic, where she studied Library science.

    She would enroll at Egerton University in 2004 where she pursued a degree in information science and graduated with a First Class Honours.

    It was easy for her to manoeuvre between studies and work because she was also a staff at the school, working as the university’s assistant librarian.

    A year after completing her undergraduate degree, Mugalavai enrolled for her Master’s at the Moi University.

    “I graduated with a Master’s degree in 2012, but I didn’t take a rest. The following year I enrolled for my PhD. I am glad that I have now completed,” she narrated.

    The mother of three was excited that she had achieved her dream together with her firstborn daughter.

    Her daughter Kavulavu, on the other hand, also started by pursuing a diploma before enrolling for a degree program at the Kenya Methodist University in Meru.

    She graduated in 2010 and immediately enrolled for a Master’s degree.

    “Upon completing my Master’s, I got a job as a lecturer at Karatina University. I also enrolled for my PhD at Moi University,” she told the publication.

    She added that she was happy to have been celebrating the achievement with her mother.

    Kabulavu’s sibling, Fiona Muleke, is also pursuing a PhD in human resource management, at Moi University.

    A file image of the Moi University
    A file image of the Moi University

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