Most Common Wedding Blunders to Watch Out for

Abel Mutua and his wife (centre) with the best couple on their wedding day
  • The wedding day is one of the most important days is anyone’s life and a lot of planning goes into making it a success. From the wedding venue, the theme, music and food, everything must be flawless if not perfect.

    However, sometimes things don’t go as planned, causing undue embarrassing moments.

    Renowned actor and YouTuber Abel Mutua knows this all too well. He previously narrated how his wedding day suit was held hostage by the tailor who until the morning of the wedding was promising to deliver it on time.  

    On the morning of the wedding, the tailor was yet to deliver, forcing Mutua to borrow a suit from of his friends.

    Below are some of the most common wedding blunders to watch out for;

    Abel Mutua and his wife (centre) with the best couple on their wedding day

    1.) Tailors

    Tailor tales have on a number of occasions united Kenyans on social media following the bad taste that some have left in the mouths of their clients.

    They have been accused of setting deadlines they rarely meet, always giving excuses and never turning down jobs even when they do not know how it’s done.

    The same applies even on wedding days when some fail to finish their tasks on time, causing confusion of the d-day.

    Speaking to, Emmanuel Muuo, who was part of the bridal party recently, stated that the tailor had not yet finished their suits, a day to the wedding.

    “We were furious and told them to finish not to leave a room before they were done making our clothes. It was so annoying. Luckily, they were done by morning,” Muuo stated.

    Actor Abel Mutua with his wife on his wedding daya
    Actor Abel Mutua with his wife on his wedding daya

    2.) Make-up

    Most make-up artists wake up as early as 3 am on the d-day to glam as many brides and their bridal party as possible.

    In a bid to get many clients, some run late, delaying the whole wedding programme.

    On the other hand, some may do a shoddy job when it comes to the right makeup fit, leaving their clients looking like clowns.

    In 2018, musician Nyota Ndogo became the laughing stock on her wedding day after highly anticipated photos of the day were shared online. Her face had been caked with the wrong foundation and tons of products.

    Musician Nyota Ndogo during her wedding day in 2018
    Musician Nyota Ndogo during her wedding day in 2018

    3.) Wedding cake & catering

    It would be the least of anyone’s imaginations that a wedding would lack a cake or food, bearing in mind that the reception is the most anticipated by the guests.

    Believe it or not, this is prone to happen due to failed promises or blunders by the catering team.

    “We once attended a wedding that had rice but no stew,” Sam Njuguna stated.

    Additionally, a wife who recently got married narrated that a baker had promised to provide the cake for the wedding.

    However, the organising committee was skeptical of the arrangement and asked the bride to have another cake just in case.

    “In fact, they told me that two cakes would be better than non,” she told this writer.

    On the D-day, the baker was nowhere to be seen and her calls were not being answered. Had the team not had a plan B, there would have been no cake to cut.

    A wedding event.
    A wedding event.

    4.)  Music

    It is good to make deposits prior to the day of the wedding. This is because some entertainers may be a no show on the d-day.

    In addition, having another would go along way in saving the couple from embarrassment.