Monkeys Storm House Forcing Entire Family to Flee [VIDEO]

Monkeys Storm House Forcing Entire Family to Flee [VIDEO]
  • A family in Kisumu is distraught after a barrel of monkeys raided their home on Thursday night, February 18, forcing them to spend the night in the cold.

    Speaking to the press, Nicanor Bodo narrated that they heard animals running on the roof and assumed that it was a cat.

    On sending their son to check they realised that there were three monkeys on the roof of their house. They were afraid of the animals, hence, decided to spend their night outside.

    “The monkeys ate all the food we left in the kitchen yesterday. Thinking about it stresses me already,” Bodo added.

    According to a report by TV47, neighbours took two hours to successfully remove the primates from the house. Only one monkey was captured while the two others run back to the natural habitat.

    It is not the first time monkeys are terrorising residents in the area. Locals have previously raised an alarm about the wild animals that have been destroying their crops.

    The family is now calling upon the government to come up with solutions that will help solve the situation.

    “What do I do now? There are monkeys living in my house, eating my food, Where do I go?†Bodo posed.

    In 2016, a monkey caused a nationwide blackout in Kenya after it got caught in a power transformer causing a short circuit.  

    The monkey fell on a transformer at the Gitaru hydroelectric power station, resulting in the loss of 180 megawatts of power and triggering a blackout across Kenya.

    Power was restored almost four hours later and the monkey survived following the incident.


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