Miguna Miguna is childish, churlish , should be deported again

Miguna Miguna is childish, churlish , should be deported again

By Silas Nyanchwani via fb

Life has not been kind to me. I take full responsibility for all the choices I have made. The older I grow, the gentler I want to become. If I can get some ten acres somewhere in Transmara, and do my farming as I read Dostoyevsky.

Because, I know Petty, but Miguna Miguna is on a whole another level. Crazy. You can’t be 57 years’ old, and be so clueless about life. Life doesn’t roll like that.

You can’t be so bitter, so childish, so churlish, so uncouth as you grow older.

Miguna has everything that would have made him a senator and a governor within ten years. But in life, you must understand your station in life, and know-how to play it to your advantage.

Miguna has no respect for the pair of his testicles, has no decency at all, and what he does is not telling it as it is, but an act of extreme foolishness.

He can do everything he does in a more decorous way. Because if you want to win in politics, you can’t work alone. You have to work with others, compromise where you have to, listen sometimes, allow yourself to know that sometimes you can be wrong, or you are wrong.

My best scene from the TV Hit series (ranked the third-best TV series of all time-and will be the best in a 20 years) is when an eager novice in office, Pete Campbell eager to earn the corner office does the unthinkable. When he is giving a visiting client to entertain, he pitches his idea and the client likes the idea. It is an advertising firm and the chain of command dictated that only one man could pitch to the client: Don Draper. When Don Draper is pitching, the client interrupts him and makes a suggestion, and says, ” I don’t want that, I want what Pete told me last night…”

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Once they leave, the furious Draper, and the senior partner Roger Sterling (Played by John Slattery, and my best fictional character on TV), they storm into Bertram Cooper (the other partner)’s office to complain. When they list the charges against Pete, Cooper, an elderly person known for wisdom, tells them words I wish we all understood from when we were six. When Cooper tells them, you can’t sack Peter, Draper tells him, “There are rules….”

Cooper counters, “Well, and there are other rules.”

That is what Miguna needs to understand. I am posting the scene in the comments section….

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