Meet MP Who Conducts Free Surgeries for Patients

Endebess MP Robert Pukose during a past ceremony
  • For decades, Members of Parliament, and politicians in general, have carried a less desirable trait in which they are often accused of taking flight the moment they secure a seat in the August House.

    Endebes MP Pukose Robert has, however, stood out from the fold and tries as much as possible to give back to the community during his free time.

    According  to a report by TV47, the lawmaker disclosed that he spends his free time at Endebess Sub-county Hospital where he conducts free surgeries for the residents

    He said that he is often inspired to give back to the community that shot him to power largely because of his own upbringing challenges.

    Endebess MP Robert Pukose during a past ceremony.

    “I come here just to give a free service to the community. They don’t pay me anything. I am happy to have done it today on Madaraka Day.

    “Considering that this is the day our freedom fighters were able to get us Madaraka, We are complementing what our heroes did and it is a good feeling to do such a job on a day like this,” explained the lawmaker.

    Instead of joining his verbose peers on Madaraka Day, the MP spent the day at a hospital attending to patients for free.

    His tasks included pre-operative preparations which includes investigations to ensure that a patient is fit to undergo a surgery before they are given a date for the procedure.

    “We had very difficult beginning because my mum could brew busaa and chang’aa (Local brews) to support us and being a successful surgeon and MP, I feel I have to give free service to the community,” he added.

    Before joining the public service, Pukose, a trained surgeon and medical doctor by profession, worked at Kabarnet District Hospital.

    In a 2016 interview, the lawmaker disclosed that he spent nine years at the University of Nairobi since he joined in 1990. The course, however, only takes six years.

    He noted that the delay was brought about by numerous strikes and he started a cattle selling business with a South Sudanese neighbour during the breaks.

    Pukose was elected in 2013 as MP for the newly created Endebes constituency that consists of Sabaot, Bukusu, Turkana and Pokot.

     was expelled on allegations of having unauthorized materials in the examination room.
    Martha Moracha was expelled from the University of Nairobi on allegations of having unauthorized materials in the examination room.

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