Meet Mobile Barber Shaving Kenyan Billionaires

File image of the van used for barber services
  • A Kenyan barber has become an online sensation following the unique technique he uses to reach out to his clients.

    Barkat Ali Manji has converted his van into a mobile barbershop and visits his clients’ homes whenever they require his services.

    In a day, he attends to around 10 clients who live in Nairobi and its environs. For a haircut, he charges Ksh3,000.

    File image of the van used for barber services

    Manji narrated that the business was inspired after the Covid-19 pandemic begun in the country and wary clients began inviting him over to their homes to procure his services.

    After several visits and conducting his research, he decided to convert his van into a barbershop, visiting the homes of billionaires, politicians and celebrities.

    “My friend and I were just watching videos on YouTube about the mobile barbershops in the UK and we thought it was a great idea and immediately I decided to take the risk,” he stated.

    “It was quite difficult at first because I did not know how to install water and electricity in a moving van. It has been a learning lesson for me,” he added.

    Manji’s goal is to make sure that he creates a good ambience for his clients that make them forget they are in a car.

    One of the major challenges that he has encountered is traffic on the major highways.

    “I sleep for only four hours just because of traffic. Sometimes I have to be in a clients house at around 5 am,” he stated.

    The idea of a mobile barber is one that has been embraced by prominent personalities including former Kiambu governor William Kabogo, musician Otile Brown and others.

    “It’s interesting that sometimes motorists contact me and last if I can pack the van and shave their hair beside the road,” he stated.

    Manji concluded by saying that it was easier for someone in the industry to take such a risk than for someone who is not.

    “If I hadn’t taken a risk, I wouldn’t be here. I see this thing exploding in the near future,” he concluded.

    The interior of the van
    The interior of the van