Meet MCA Spending Millions to Airlift Students to US

Bob Mwiti
  • Dennis Kiogora, the MCA for Abogeta West in Meru County, founded the Kenya Airlift Program- An initiative that takes postgraduate students to the United States.

    He founded the Kenya Airlift Program in 2018 after an invitation by the late Kiambaa MP, Paul Koinange to attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC.

    At the US Embassy, there was a forum for Kenyan students living in the US. After discussions with them, most recalled how difficult the process of going to the US was. 

    A file image of Bob Mwiti, Managing Director Appstec America LLC.

    Kiogora, popularly known as ‘DMK’ partnered with Bob Mwiti, the managing Director of Appstec America LLC an IT Company. They figured that the major problem facing the students was funding. 

    They managed to acquire funding from HELB-like institutions in the United States. Just like HELB, students’ fees are fully paid. The money is recovered from their salary once they get employed.

    In case a student is not able to acquire a visa, Bob Mwiti is able to co-sign documents for them as a guarantor.

    To qualify for the program, one must have attained a grade of B plain in KCSE and a second class in the undergraduate course.

    “There are certain requirements for this program, you need to take a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) which costs Ksh25,000. The lenders providing the funds, expect you to be bright, therefore you have to pass this exam,†emphasized Dennis.

    They also set up the Kenya Airlift Sacco.

    “It was a challenge for the students to raise money for their ticket, visa and the i-20 form. We put in Ksh1 Million as seed capital, to fund needy students.” 

    The programs aims to cater for students with an interest in IT, which is a niche market and guarantees an immediate job in the country.

    So far, ten students have gone to the US and have kickstarted their careers. it is a national programme that accommodates students from all over the country.

    The entire process takes roughly eight to twelve months.” To build a community, we are putting students only three universities, which are close to each other. This helps build a sense of belonging,” stated the MCA.

    Kenya Airlift Program
    A file Image of the official logo, Kenya Airlift Program

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