Martha Karua Challenges Uhuru, Ruto to Reconcile

President Uhuru and his deputy Ruto
  • Narc Kenya Party Leader on Saturday, August 28, Martha Karua urged the president and his deputy to put aside their differences and build a strong relationship together. 

    Speaking yesterday at Kerugoya St Thomas Anglican Church Cathedral in Kirinyaga County, the former presidential candidate explained how their unstable relationship was building up tension in the country and should be dealt with immediately.

    “I’m calling upon the President and his deputy to reason together so as to reduce the tension which is building across the country,” Karua remarked.  

    She noted that they should work together like never before because we are struggling to ensure that the country’s economy is stable and we are yet to manage Covid-19. 

    President Uhuru and his deputy Ruto

    She insists that if their relationship is not worked on, tension will keep building in the country and soon, it will be too late to manage. 

    This comes at a time when it is clear that Uhuru and Ruto are at loggerheads with each other, and they are all heading in different directions. 

    The two hold the highest seats in the country and they should be leading the country in one direction but have instead continued to air their differences in public. 

    With less than 11 months to the general elections, the Narc Kenya boss explained that peace and stability in the country will depend on the relationship between the President and his deputy.   

    Her sentiments have come in just after the Deputy President’s security detail was changed, and he, together with his allies are furious about the same. 

    Ruto allies argue that the president does not respect the Office of the Deputy President, but only cares about his relationship with Raila.  

    Earlier, Karua had mentioned that the handshake and BBI are not reasons why the two should not work together. 

    “The President having a relationship with the former prime minister does not mean that he should not continue working closely with his deputy,” she stated. 

    Ruto, Uhuru and Raila at The Bomas of Kenya
    Ruto, Uhuru and Raila at The Bomas of Kenya