Maria Actress Maggy Shares Video of Her New House

Beatrice Dorea Chege who played the role of Maggy in Citizen TV's drama series 'Maria'
  • Beatrice Dorea Chege, who played Maggie in Maria drama series that aired on Citizen TV, took to YouTube to show fans her new home on Friday, June 4.

    In the video, the actress moved from one room to the other, showing some of the accessories that she had been collecting to glam her new home where she would be staying with her sister.

    The living room was beautifully furnished with grey recliner seats that matched well with yellow pillows and grey curtains.

    Beatrice Dorea Chege who played the role of Maggy in Citizen TV’s drama series ‘Maria’

    Additionally, well set up professional photos decorated the walls and customised frames with the words live, love and laugh.

    With the interior decor being grey, a wallpaper of the same colour with a patterned design was also fixed on the walls.

    The actress indicated that she had decided to move into a new house because of previous challenges she had encountered in her previous home like lack of electricity and water.

    “We really needed to move into a new home because we would keep contacting the agent for a number of issues that were not working,” she stated.

    The actress is one that has risen up the entertainment industry to become a household name. She currently stars on Uriru wa Wendo, a vernacular series that airs on Inooro TV.

    Apart from acting, Dorea is also a CEO of Dorea’s Parlour, a company that deals with beauty and a Youtuber.

    “I did my journalism and mass communication diploma at Daystar University and I’m planning to go back to school and pursue a degree. I am the firstborn in a family of three and both my parents are pastors.

    “I always wanted to be a singer because of the influence of participating in a church choir,” she told in a past interview.


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