Maraga & Wife Break Into Dance on 1st Day of Retirement [VIDEO]

Retired Chief Justice David Maraga with his wife at the celebratory luncheon with governors on January 13, 2021
  • Former Chief Justice David Maraga’s retirement kicked off on a high note following a celebratory luncheon that was organised in his honour, by the Council of Governors on Wednesday, January 13. 

    Maraga attended the ceremony just a day after he officially ceased being the Chief Justice of Kenya yesterday, on Tuesday, January 12. 

    After the luncheon which was attended by CoG Chair Wycliffe Oparanya, Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa and acting CJ Philomena Mwilu, they enjoyed some entertainment from a choir that had been invited to perform. 

    A visibly excited Maraga stepped forward with his wife, Yucabeth Nyaboke, let loose as they danced alongside the traditional dances to match the vernacular songs that were being performed. 

    Together with the other VIP guests, they arranged themselves in a circle and took turns to dance at the centre as the choirmaster urged them on.

    Retired Chief Justice David Maraga with his wife at the celebratory luncheon with governors on January 13, 2021

    The council hailed him as a great contributor to devolution in Kenya and lauded the transformation he had brought in the Judiciary. 

    Maraga increased physical coverage of courts through a partnership with county governments which ensured that Kenyans were able to access justice.

    So far, only 7 counties are without High Courts and the Judiciary is working towards ensuring the same is achieved.

    The Judiciary also pronounced itself in matters of division of revenue and allowed county governments to access 50% of the previous year’s allocation in the event that there is an impasse in the division of revenue.

    “I remember with nostalgia the great decision of the Supreme Court Advisory Reference No.3 of 2019. The Supreme Court advisory redefined division of revenue stalemate in Kenya, ending the perennial stalemate,†CoG CEO Jacqueline Mogeni stated.

    The outgoing CJ challenged governors to formulate appropriate policies to ensure that equitable resources reach all parts of the country.

    Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi who was also in attendance told Maraga that he was very lucky to be celebrated while he was still alive. 

    “I thank the Council of Governors for organising the farewell luncheon that gives me an opportunity to say Goodbye as I start life in retirement,†the retired CJ concluded. 


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