Man walks out of wife’s home after complains of extortion from parents in Nyeri

Man walks out of wife’s home after complains of extortion from parents in Nyeri

Drama has ensued in one village at Mukurweini, Nyeri County this morning after a sugarcane cutter walked out of dowry ceremony, citing extortion, unnecessary fines and recurring bills.

Mr. Mukonye Lusweti paid Sh 40,000 to cater for food, tents, chairs and a public address system to the “would be” inlaws.

He had also set aside Sh 66,500 to pay his bride price that the two families agreed on. On top that as an incentive he had carried with him 3 hens, 1 cock, 30 eggs of a married chicken and a sack of potatoes.

On reaching the homestead the tall, dark and muscled experienced sugarcane cutter was told to add Sh20,000 to the bride price which he obliged without any objection. He knew his wife to be Njeri Wa Njenga would pay dearly for all this immediately they will be back to Shitswitswi Village, in Mumias Kakamega County! Lusweti had bought a new bed and mattress back in Mumias before travelling to Mukurweini.

He was slapped with another Sh10,000 fine for making a detour to the wrong path and ended up into a different homestead instead of the girl’s home. He paid. By this time he was wishing he was already in Shitswitswi with Njeri and the night had fallen. I pity Njeri and her dear spine!

Drama ensued when several girls were paraded into the compound covered in lesos from head to toe and Lusweti was asked to guess who his fiancée was.

In a hurry he pointed to the wrong woman, leading to yet another fine of Sh15,000. The second guess was right. Njeri’s father a bald headed retried hawker then demanded Sh 500,000 school fees that he had used to school Njeri up to a tailoring college which she dropped out after suffering complications of an aborted abortion!

Fumed with anger, our furious sugarcane cutter excused himself to visit the nearby pit latrine. He left through the nearby maize plantation never to be seen again. He has since switched off his phone. He has been spotted in the Mbukinya Bus he hired from Kakamega to take him to Mukurweini. He’s headed back to Kakamega.

The relatives who accompanied him to Mukurweini are busy feasting waru, chapati, mokimo, badly cooked ugali and chicken at Njeri’s homestead waiting for Lusweti to return from the toilet. They know he’s fond of overstaying in the toilet before he settles to eat.

Njeri’s father Njenga Wa Kamaru is on a long phone call with a second hand pick-up seller in Thika ordering pick-up to boost scrap metal business and dump his mkokoteni since he knows the son-in-law to be is inside the pit latrine busy counting the Sh 500,000 he’s going to give him.

It will end in tears for Njeri and his extortionate father Njenga!

Man walks out of wife’s home after complains of extortion from parents in Nyeri


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