Man Single-handedly Builds 20-Room Underground House

The structure by Ouma in Busia County.
  • A man residing in Butula, Busia County astonished neighbours when he decided to build his house underground.

    The house which remains a mystery to the residents has been under constructionfor a period of 50 years by Francis Ouma who explained that it was his calling to make it.

    The 74-year old stated that he was directed by God to build the underground home and has been expanding it gradually over a period of five decades having broken ground when he was in his twenties.

    “I didn’t build the house as a joke or without direction. I was guided by God to make this home,” he explained.

    From the outside, the house looks like a normal humble structure with a roof, walls, and a locked door. When opened, one encounters a huge hole with a ladder leading to the underground compartments.

    The structure by Ouma in Busia County.

    Once inside, Ouma changes his dress code to a white robe before engaging in prayer. 

    The house which has no lights has been subdivided into 20 rooms which he plans to expand to 36 rooms.

    Ouma shares the underground abode with bats that perch themselves onto the roof of the structure.

    Residents have raised concerns over the home being used by criminals as a hideout.

    “The hole is frightening because we do not know what activities are carried out there at night

    However, his family supported him in building the house, with his brother encouraging him during the construction.

    His wife also allayed fears that the hole was being used for criminal activities.

    “The hole is still secured as it was when he started to build it. And it is strong since it has not collapsed for the many years it has been there,” she stated.

    Inside the underground structure by Ouma in Busia County.
    Inside the underground structure by Ouma in Busia County.

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