Mama Ngina Kenyatta Bags Ksh6.7M Continental Award

CS Monica Juma receiving the Macky Sall Peace award on behalf of Mama Ngina Kenyatta on December 11, 2020.
  • Former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta was on Friday, December 11, awarded the Macky Sall Peace Award for her role in mediating peace through dialogue.

    Receiving the award on her behalf was Defence CS Monica Juma during an event in Senegal which also included prize money worth 50,000 Euros which is approximately Ksh6.7 million.   

    “While this award is bestowed on Her Excellency Mama Ngina Kenyatta, its honour and impact go beyond her. It is for our country Kenya, the East African region and every person and institution that privileges and promotes dialogue over any other options for human existence,†said CS Juma.

    CS Monica Juma (left) receiving the Macky Sall Peace award on behalf of Mama Ngina Kenyatta on December 11, 2020.

    While presenting the award of the Independent Center for Research and Initiatives for Dialogue (CIRID) 2019 Macky Sall Prize for Dialogue, the Senegal president Macky Sall noted that Mama Ngina had played a crucial role in promoting peace in the region.

    “By awarding our Prize for Dialogue in Africa to Mama Ngina Kenyatta, we hope that the seed of peace she sowed will produce a bountiful harvest. To do this, we also have the duty to water the seed so that the garden of peace blooms everywhere,” he stated.

    CS Juma further observed that the award recognised that women’s actions and voices matter and do make a difference.

    She pointed out Mama Ngina’s role in mediating through the political tensions in Kenya in 2017.

    “Mama Ngina Kenyatta played a momentous role of preaching peace and reconciliation at a point in time when Kenya’s 2017 General Election foreshadowed a foul ending. Her choice was dialogue. And it worked.

    Dialogue is critical because it promotes tolerance and dignity of each human being – a critical ingredient for peaceful resolution of conflict,†the Defence CS added.

    CS Juma described Mama Ngina as a role model for young women with her elegance and her presence. 

    “Mama Ngina’s demeanor conceals an unmistakable resoluteness and sense of purpose that is certainly not for the public gallery.

    “Yes, you’ll find a record of the thumbprint of her service to the public in a children’s home or in the annals of Girl Guiding, but you will not find her name emblazoned on street corners proclaiming her peace-making credentials,†she added.

    Former First Lady Mama Ngina.
    Former First Lady Mama Ngina.

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