Maasai Mara Whistleblower Gets International Role Days After Firing

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris during a women empowerment session in Nairobi on October, 2020.
  • Spencer Sankale, the whistleblower in the Maasai Mara heist, has landed a role as an associate member in the African Parliamentarian’s Network Against Corruption (APNAC) days after being fired from the Narok-based institution. 

    While marking the WhistleBlowers Day on Wednesday, June 23, APNAC’s Chair Shakeel Shabbir acknowledged the pivotal role Sankale played in exposing the issue of graft within Maasai Mara University.

    His sentiments were echoed by Nairobi Women’s Representative Esther Passaris who lauded Sankale for his bravery.

    “We recognize you as one of the people who will actually help steer this country when we go back into the history books,” Passaris stated during the event.

    Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris during a women empowerment session in Nairobi in October 2020.

    APNAC is an organisation that involves key people who have played a pivotal role in the fight against corruption. It seeks to rally up nations to fight against graft.  

    This comes days after Sankale, who previously worked as a Senior Accounting officer, was fired by the institution after being found guilty of nine charges. 

    Among the charges include inciting the university staff and the general public against the institution, malicious representation of the university, defamation as well as damaging the image and reputation of the university.

    The former accounting officer was also accused of failing to act in the best interest of the university. 

    “Due to the aforementioned, the Council resolved to summarily terminate your employment with the university with immediate effect, in accordance with section 44 (4)(d)(g) of the Employment Act.

    “Note that you shall be paid a one month’s salary in lieu of notice,” part of the dismissal letter read.

    Sankale had exposed intricate details regarding the alleged graft within the institution on a Citizen TV feature titled the Maasai Mara heist.

    Soon after, the whistleblower complained of attacks from his friends and former colleagues over the feature.

    “Things have turned out to the worst level possible. I became the black sheep at work and things are not well.

    “The theft has not stopped but we are sharing information with the relevant authorities as and when the theft occurs,” Sankale stated.

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    The Maasai Mara University