LIVE BLOG: Senate Votes on Sonko’s Impeachment Case

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is currently appearing before the Senate which will either uphold or overturn the decision by MCAs who impeached him from office. 

    88 MCAs voted in favour of Sonko’s ouster on Thursday, December 3. Sonko’s team is represented by lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui whereas the County Assembly is represented by lawyer Ndegwa Njiru. will keep you updated on the proceedings of the case. Keep refreshing the page.

    12:26: Sonko says that all vouchers being fronted were never paid as claimed. 

    “Mr Speaker, in my affidavit, I stated that we had the authority to incur Ksh 279 million for bursary fund and had the power to transfer it to bursary fund account. These funds were not released and that they are intact. Schools were closed during Covid-19 and this document shows that the mover of my motion exaggerated his claims,” Sonko defended himself. 

    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko testifies before the Senate on Thursday, December 17, 2020

    12:21: Governor Mike Sonko is called to the witness stand for cross-examination by County Assembly lawyers. He is accused of violation of the constitution, abuse of office and gross misconduct. Lawyer Nyamu says that Sonko used office money to illegally pay lawyers and garbage collectors. 

    12:16: Lawyer Wilfred Nyamu leads the provision of evidence against Mike Sonko as fronted by the County Assembly. The session by Defence team led by lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui has ended. 

    12:14: Speaker Ken Lusaka states that Senate will break for lunch at 1 pm. 

    12:12: “Are you a video editor, a professional photographer? What was the magnification ratio of the video?” Lawyer Ndegwa cross-examines Omari. Omari fails to answer adding that he edited the video on an office desktop. 

    12:02: Sonko’s lawyer calls Kelvin Omari to the witness stand. He is the personal assistant to lawyer Ondieki who was denied access to County Assembly premises. He confirmed that they were prohibited to deliver documents and verified the video showing them being denied access. 

    11:58: Driver Nyakach fails to respond to whether he had an invitation and relevant documents allowing him to visit the County Assembly.  He insists that they were denied access to the premises. 

    11:51: County Assembly lawyers cross-examine Nyakach who confirms that he is not a court official but just a driver. 

    “Being a driver, my job is carrying a document and not looking into the details of the documents,†he states after being asked if he knew the details of the document. 

    11:38: Douglas Ouma Nyakach, a driver in one of the law firms in Nairobi, Ondieki & Ondieki Advocates, is called to the stand

    He recalls that he went to Nairobi County Assembly with his lawyer, Ondieki Ondieki who was denied access by police to serve the Speaker of the Assembly with the documents against Sonko’s impeachment case. 

    “It was chaotic and we could not deliver the documents,†he says.

    Driver Douglas Nyakach in Senate

    11:10: Emmanuel Kenga (retired police officer) is called to the witness stand. He defends Sonko against the motion. He disputed the signatures appended by MCAs to kick out Sonko.

    “Some of the signatures were made by the same handwriting,” he claims. 

    11:00: Ndegwa Njiru, the lawyer representing County Assembly cross-examines Museiya with the latter confirming that she went to Kwale on her own volution. 

    10:50: MCA Museiya says that MCAs went to Kwale to follow Sonko’s impeachment case and that their accounts were hacked. “I did not log in but my account was active,†she says. 

    10:45: Museiya states that ODM Party also fined its MCAs in Nairobi and threatened them to send Sonko home. 

    Emmanuel Kenga, a former government official who verified signatures appended by MCAs in Sonko’s impeachment case

    10:30: “It was procured by duress and coercion and leadership of the house. There was a disciplinary process against us by Jubilee Party and two days before impeachment we were suspended and de-whipped from our committees,†Museiya states. 

    10:20: Museiya argues that the Jubilee leadership orchestrated the impeachment motion against Sonko. She added that some lawmakers were intimidated to vote in its favour. 

    10: 10: MCA Sylvia Museiya and Chair of the Education Committee defends Mike Sonko against the impeachment motion. 

    10:00: Day two proceedings of Sonko’ case begins. 

    Watch the live proceedings of Sonko’s impeachment case


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