Little Known Details About Mercy Masika’s Musician Mother

Mercy Masika (R) and her mother Agnes Masika performing together.

While Mercy Masika might be a famous name in the music and social scene, little is known about her mother, Agnes Masika.

Mercy has been on the record a number of times stating that her mother introduced her to the world of music at a tender age.

Masika’s mother was the host of a TV program Joy Bringers and Sing and Shine shows then aired on KBC TV in the early ’90s.

Mercy Masika (right) and her mother Agnes Masika performing together.

According to Fearless Summit website, where Agnes delivered a keynote speech in June 2019, she serves as the deputy director of Christian Impact Mission (CIM).

The mission describes itself as an organization involved in mobilizing African communities to develop home-grown transformation initiatives through wealth generation, job creation using appropriate technologies, good practices and innovations.

Unbeknown to many, Mercy Masika produced her first album titled Nobody Like Jesus featuring her mother and another musical legend, Hellen Mtawali.

Agnes is also described as a christian counselor in marriage and family matters, a motivational speaker, and an author of course books on life skills for secondary schools.

She holds two bachelors degrees in music and Bible studies, a masters in counseling psychology, and a PHD in gender studies.

Agnes was recognized by Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs CS Margaret Kobia, as one of the female trailblazers making the world a better place.


According to reports from Daily Nation on November 21, 2018, she helped her husband co-found a programme in the semi-arid Yatta area of in Machakos County, to ensure that it becomes food secure and discourage the culture of hand-outs in Ukambani.

Mercy Masika (right) and her mother Agnes Masika performing together.

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