List of Matatu Saccos Targeted in Nairobi CBD Crackdown

File image on Ngong Matatus on Wednesday, February 10 morning
  • Pressure has been mounting on Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) to launch a crackdown on rogue matatu Saccos operating in Nairobi CBD.

    A report by Daily Nation on Thursday, June 24, indicated that lawmakers from Nairobi County Assembly are pressurising NMS to regain control of the industry.

    They claim that some of the Saccos have taken over spaces and turned them into pick and drop points. Most of the new stages are now blocking access to malls and shops in the CBD.

    They further lamented that the management of the Saccos, who are controlled by cartels, are working with impunity in collusion with rogue officials from City Hall.

    File image on Ngong Matatus on Wednesday, February 10 morning

    Central Ward MCA Daniel Ngegi lamented that four Saccos namely Azuri, Surmount, Nazige and Embakasi had taken over Tom Mboya Street blocking businesses.

    They have also displaced taxis that used to operate from the location for over 30 years.

    Other Saccos on the radar are Circular, Compliance, Madiwa, Jesmat, Travelmatt, and MMOG Saccos.

    Circula Sacco has taken over Commercial Area outside Tuskys while the other four are illegally operating at the Sheikh Karume Road.

    Rongai Sacco has also been operating in front of Church House along Moi Avenue while Genesis Sacco displaced Taxis along Tom Mboya street – the most affected area by rogue matatu Saccos.

    The MCA has argued that city hall officials working in cahoots with the fraudsters have been pocketing a handsome bribe to allocate the matatus.

    “This unfortunate scenario is to blame for vehicular gridlocks, insecurity, noise pollution, and the generally poor state of the city center.

    “All the good work done to upgrade the central business district is being systematically watered down by the proliferation of illegal matatu termini, perpetrated by a clique of county officers from the inspectorate and parking service department,” stated Ngegi.

    This comes days after a third test run by NMS at Green Park Terminus exposed the dire situation of the city’s public transport system.

    A heavy snarl-up was experienced along various roads in the city on Friday, June 18, with the most affected area being Upper Hill.

    NMS is readying the terminus in an effort to ease traffic in Nairobi CBD.

    Traffic jam at Nairobi CBD