Lies that plot sellers tell……

Lies that plot sellers tell……

Photo: Classic FM breakfast show host who promoted a real estate propert company by name PRC that was accused by COFEK of defrauding buyers.

Lies that plot sellers tell……

The plot is only 35 minutes from city center…..this is when they don’t want to tell you it’s actually 70km away. 35 minutes can actually be Kencom to Community peak hour or 70 kms away if you drive from town center at midnight.
Only a few are remaining….if it’s true only a few are remaining, why are you advertising? Si vyenye walinunua hizo zingine watanunua the “few” remaining ones.

Plots near Tatu City, Peponi school, UN…… If the plots are this close to such facilities, why are the rich not fighting to buy them? Why are you advertising on Mulembe, Kameme, Egesa and Coro FM which only poor people listen to?
Gated community, security garanteed, water and power on site. Now is water, security and power not the most unreliable services in Kenya? The only power assured is your power to con me. What security is assured in Kitengela if pple are being robbed outside police stations? Which water is assured if even Ndakaini water has been stolen?

Pay in installments……, well, only fools can fall into this. If the seller is ready to accept part payment, then just Know he is struggling to get a buyer. If it can’t get a buyer, it’s not a good deal.
Ponyoka na ka quarter leo……

By Mwangi Kibathi vis Facebook

Lies that plot sellers tell……


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