Legendary Singer DNA Reacts To The ‘Maandamano’ Protests –


    The ongoing protests have roped in a perennial colloquy from netizens and celebrities. The interesting thing is that, most people who are involved aren’t giving a solution or a way of negotiating to end it all.

    As a matter of fact, destruction of property was imminent in yesterday’s protests. I mean, who didn’t see it coming? And there’s high possibility that there would be more destruction in the upcoming protests.


    A couple of celebrities have reacted to the protests and shared their sentiments on what needs to be done. The likes of Huddah Monroe and Eric Omondi, and now DNA. According to Huddah, the protests are doing no one any good and won’t change a thing. She claims the high cost of living is part of the new world order, which is being embraced by The States.

    DNA seems to support Huddah’s sentiments, and claims that they would not change anything in the economy.

    The ‘Banjuka’ hitmaker notes that high cost of living is as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic which led the world into inflation saying then that holding protests against the rising cost of living does not make sense currently as it is a global issue not just in Kenya.

    Source: Ghafla.com/


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