Leaked: Raila to work with Ruto in the 2022 elections, will surprise many including Uhuru

Leaked: Raila to work with Ruto in the 2022 elections, will surprise many including Uhuru

You better begin to take this reality while it is early enough.

Politics is DYNAMIC.Politics is the ART OF THE POSSIBLE.An unlikely coalition will be crafted in the coming weeks which will change the political landscape in Kenya beyond 2022.

Raila has cleverly and strangely defended the Deputy President twice in a span of two weeks.Activities which have confounded friend and foe.The first defence was when the ANC’s Savalu alluded to sponsoring a motion of impeachment against the Deputy President in the National Assembly. After extensive intelligence and political consultations,Raila found out that Ruto had enough Members to repulse any such move in the Bicameral Houses.He also found out that it would herald an unstable security situation in the Country.He went ahead to advise his party Mps and Senators to hold their horses as he further consulted.He may have reached out to the President and offered his considered view of the intended impeachment motion.Jubilee was also convinced the motion will flop and therefore give Ruto mileage and earn political sympathy from across the Hustler Nation in the Country.Jubilee subsequently distanced itself from the impeachment.

The second time Raila came to the defence of Ruto was this week after one Jubilee nondescript Mp from Kiambu County did a Bill outlawing the Hustler’s political rallying call as creating a class war between the rich and poor.Raila vehemently defended Ruto by citing Constitutional provisions of freedom of speech and association.Then came a light political shocker.Raila and Ruto may meet on Monday for deliberations on bbi and 2022 politics bringing into to the fore the saying that politics makes strange political bedfellows.

Then comes in another political twist.Ruto speaks in a manner suggesting that he is not opposing the bbi after all….saying,his views and those of the Hustlers have been included in the bbi document.These events,to keen observers are preludes to a bigger announcement very soon.

Keen followers of politics will tell you on how painful it is to be politically betrayed.Raila was betrayed by Moi,Kibaki and is apparently being betrayed by Uhuru.Ruto was betrayed Raila and is being betrayed by Uhuru.The two have a political chemistry.To the two presidential front runners,coming together is a priority now more than any other time.They stand to benefit as one unity than being separate especially now that Uhuru seems to have crafted an alliance comprising of Mudavadi,Kalonzo,Moi and Wetangula.Raila and Ruto can come together ostensibly to revenge on Uhuru like it was done to Moi in 2002.

In the coming months especially going beyond June this year,supporters of Ruto and Raila may sing a different political slogan.

Watch this space.

By David Ogwagwa Mokaya.

Leaked: Raila to work with Ruto in the 2022 elections, will surprise many including Uhuru


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