NewsLeaked Audio: PS Kibicho’s tactics exposed, DP Ruto allies...

Leaked Audio: PS Kibicho’s tactics exposed, DP Ruto allies happy!


By Dennis Itumbi via FB

Deep State Tactics – FINAL PART


1. BE warned you cannot tape ( read record) this meeting,because you CANNOT afford Lawyers

2. I am a PS. This is a true story touching on me. I promised my daughter that if she worked hard, I would take her to Kenya High.

When the results came she was admitted to Uthiru Girls.

My promise to her was that if she worked hard,she must go to Kenya High.

Now here I was as a PS with a child I Promised Kenya High and is admitted to Uthiru Girls.

I could not tell her stories.

I was Not going to be a PS facing a crying child everyday.

So, I got her admitted to Kenya High because I was THE PS. lakini wewe si PS, yours will go to Uthiru……

3. We made xxx a commissioner because of her age and her xx degree. If it was others she would not have gotten a chance, because she is viewed as a Kikuyu and is discriminated.

4. You cannot rule people you have NOT Economically deprived – That is a Fact. That is why you are being told about Hustler.

5. I spend alot of money ( to bribe MPs) to pass bills touching on Mt. Kenya.

6. Many Institutions that help our farmers have been destroyed from National Irrigation Board, Coffee Board of Kenya , KPCU and even KCC that helps our Dairy Farmers. As a result you cannot even do a research on cows producing TWENTY litres of Milk.

7. Today if you try to pass a bill touching on Milk it cannot go through.

8. From our days as young people, you get a First Class Honours, you tarmac for FOUR years.simply because you are Karanja! ( Read because you are a Kikuyu) This is personal. It is boiling in my heart.

8. When structures were demolished in Kakamega, The President called me and his sister and told me to go to Kakamega with his Sister and compensate our people ( Read Kikuyus affected) he has treated our people with his money and that is why I went with his sister. We did the same for our people in Kawangware

9. During the ODM protests in CBD we added pepper into water. We exhausted all the stored Teargas everyday. Please note we do not have any Kalenjin hawkers in CBD. There is no Kiprotich who sells phones in Nairobi. I am not belittling them, they sell Maize.

10. Ever since handshake happened the teargas we bought is in the store, that is why we use/test it on you (Read Hustlers) once in a while.

11. When President Uhuru got in power we had a ratio of ONE gun for every FIVE policemen. Now we have 2 AK 47s for every Policeman and that is why we have improved security.

12. You may NOT have money in your pocket, you may have only 27 Bob, but look at the right indicators of an improved economy for instance when KBA vehicle plates came it took a short period and KBU was here, ARE THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE STRUGGLING?

13. BBI is good, for instance if another Presidrnt comes ad arrests me just because I supported Uhuru, there will be a Judiciary Ombudsman who will save me.

14. Do you think I can harm Hon. Moses Kuria or Hon. Ichungwa? I defend them. Actually one day Moses was arrested and he blamed me and at the time I was on phone asking why he cannot be released?

15. Those leaders ( Hahaa Moses and Ichungwa) have decided that they will start supporting BBI

16. I do not know why you compare the President and the deputy. The President is not on the ballot in 2022.

17. The President is aware of this meeting and he has sent me to pass his regards and welcome you.

18. Kalenjin Youth in Social Media are already complaining that Mt.Kenya is nurturing their youth, lakini sisi ni blogging tu…

19. We will work to secure your future, now that I see you are Sincere.

20. We will give you Two and Half Months, after which we will meet again and review your work. We have structures and we will work with you.


At the Mbiyu Koinange former residence at Two Rivers where the First meeting happened..

1. Kioni explained he agreed to be Mudavadi’s running mate for fear of his life…’ you evaluate some situations and realise you can be even be killed. It was a pre-determined option.

2. Some forces set up a Virtual Polling Station just to show that I did NOT vote for Mudavadi.

3. Dr. Muthoga one of the elders present said, ” We cannot trust other tribes as Kikuyus”

4. Bloggers present asked Kikuyu Council of Elders – are you NOT the one who installed DP William Ruto as a Honorary Kikuyu Elder? What has he done that cannot be forgiven, yet you want us to forgive Raila?

5. The elders present responded firmly

a) The People who matter in Mt.Kenya are with us. Owners of Capital as you know will determine who will be The President

b) All the Rich people in Mt.Kenya sit with us here and they will not allow anyone associated with corruption to be President or to lead.

C) You just make sure BBI passes, it is ALL THAT MATTERS – The rest utuwachie, tutapanga! ( This is the ONE reason you cannot separate BBI from 2022, they are tied!)

Once again asante to the SEVEN great people who stood firm and ensured The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) got all the info.

#HustlerNation is everywhere.

FULL LINK TO PS Karanja Kibicho Audio –

Leaked Audio: PS Kibicho’s tactics exposed, DP Ruto allies happy!



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