Lawyer’s Tough Day in Court As Client Hides in the Toilet

Inside the precincts of a Kenyan court
  • A city lawyer on Friday, January 16, had a long day in court as his client caused a scene as he awaited a ruling on his case.

    The suspect who was charged with illegally importing 100,000 litres of ethanol allegedly locked himself in a toilet in the courthouse.

    The manager identified as Odera was reported to have locked himself in the toilet for two hours as his lawyers and co-accused tried to convince him to get out so as not to delay the case.

    Inside the precincts of a Kenyan court

    After constant pleas, he finally emerged from the room staggering.

    Odera was eventually handcuffed and led to the dock by a police officer in the court house.

    “Sit there until you hear your name called,” the lawyer representing Odera ordered after getting the client to comply.

    His dramatics would not end there as he was taken to the courtroom he immediately blackedout  n the dock as he waited for the judge to give the ruling.

    In the ruling, the judge released the defendant together with nine of his co-accused.

    When he woke from his slumber, Odera was made aware that he had been further reimbursed the money they had put up for bail during the case proceedings.

    “We have been released. You were asleep. You have to let go of the alcohol before it ruins your life [sic]” his colleagues told him as they exited the courtroom.

    A court in Kenya.
    A court in Kenya.

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