Landlady Kicks Children Out Hours to Curfew in Mother’s Absence [VIDEO]

A woman and her children from Kayole are set to spend the third night in the cold, on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, after the landlady at their former residence Kicked them out over rent arrears.

In a video seen by, details how the landlady came to the tenant’s house, at the time only ocupied by the children and threw them out without even waiting for the mother to return.

“I was not there when she threw my items out. She woke my children up and forced them out. My items have been damaged, some mattresses are missing,” the distraught mother narrates.

“It is the third day I am spending on the streets,” she adds.

She further stated that she had made an agreement with the landlady to repay the rent, even offering a gas cylinder and a cupboard as collateral, which she was not given back when she was thrown out.

She alleged that she had pledged to pay the Ksh 6,000 arrears, or vacate if she was unable to raise the amount.

“When I saw the items outside, I asked who they belonged to and was told they belong to her. She was not around so I confronted the landlady who told me that she had kicked them out because of rent arrears. The landlady was throwing the items to the street,” a resident narrates.

Residents who spoke to the reporters castigated the landlady for being inconsiderate of the tough times Kenyans are facing over the Covid-19 outbreak in Kenya.

“No matter how cold-hearted you are, you should not do such a thing to a woman at such a time. The whole world is struggling and you do this to a helpless woman?

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“The landlady even beat up the woman when she was asking why she was being forced out,” another resident stated.

Irate members of the public called upon the government for help, stating that the area police officers and chiefs had been of no help, alleging they had been paid off by the landlady.

For the days she has been out in the cold, the landlady has visited the area on a daily basis, in the company of young energetic men, and police officers, each time, throwing her items further and further away from the residence, residents narrate.

A well-wisher who had tried to help her is yet to succeed in her efforts to reach Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris.

“It is not fair for the landlady to do such a thing to this woman, it is late, a few minutes to the curfew, where will she go?

“President Uhuru Kenyatta himself called upon landlords to take it easy on tenants during this period, and it is not fair for her to take advantage of the situation,” another stated.

Elsewhere, a wellwisher came to the aid of a woman and her family in Eldoret after the landlord removed part of her roofing over Ksh500 rent arrears.

The good samaritan saw Vane Bosibori’s plight on the news and offered to pay her rent for the next six months.

Watch the video below:

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