Ladies should stop manipulating their men, boychild deserve better

Ladies should stop manipulating their men, boychild deserve better

By Ruth James

Men always try their best to make ends meet and to make women happy. It’s unfortunate that some women take advantage of that and manipulate them.

Save the boy child from financial constrains. You want to meet your man in town from Buruburu and you demand for 2000 fare. Like seriously? Boy child sends you transport from Busia to Nairobi, 7000. He keep on asking where you have reached and you update him,only to switch off your phone at the end of the day, saa hizo maybe he took a loan to entertain you then you misbehave. Aiii.Save the boy child from disappointment.

Save the boy child from confusion. He’s so serious with you, he has even introduced you to his family,then it happens that you still want to enjoy life. He think that you love him alone,kumbe he’s number five in the chain of your men. With all the sacrifices he has made to show you that he love you? Please Save the boy child from heartbreak.

Save the boy child from unreasonable responsibility. You are pregnant and you know well that he’s not the father of your child, but you insist that he’s the one responsible for the pregnancy. As time goes by,you realise that you are three dads to the same baby. Save the boy child from lies.

Save the boy child from dangerous secrets.
Avoid keeping sensitive things from him if you know that he takes you serious. You tell him that you don’t have a child only to find out later the day he goes to pay your dowry. Why don’t you tell him the truth,whether you are single, separated, divorced or widowed. Save him from heartbreak of knowing the truth later.

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Save the boy child from mind games and torture. Don’t let him support you, pay your fees, pay your bills then vanish in thin air after you have got what you were looking for. Just don’t let him commit himself to you if you know that you don’t love him. It hurts.
Save the boy child from screenshot. He come to you with one heart, pouring all his heart desires to you, only to parade him everywhere. Sad. Save the boy child.


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