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Know your roots, It is critical to know your BLOODLINE, very critical…..


3am Thought
Know Your Roots
With modernity, people are slowly and surely getting more individualistic…
The ties that existed between relatives are getting weaker and weaker…..
But, there is a problem with that. A very big problem……
It is critical to know your Bloodline…… Very critical…..
For both spiritual, economic and medical reasons….

For instance, if you visit a doctor.. The first thing you are asked is about family history….. “Do you have diabetes in your family line?” or does anyone in your family suffer from Sickle Cell? ” or” Do you have High blood pressure in your family? ”
These are the things you’ll be asked whenever you visit a Doctor…..
Now what happens if you don’t know your relatives?
Uko tu pekee yako deep inside Kiserian….

Spiritually, you need to know patterns in your clan…. Just as it happens in the Hospital, you need proper diagnosis for your spiritual health. You need to find out what affects your Bloodline…..

For instance, during my battle with my own issues…. I curiously started asking my Dad about my grandparents… Who were they? How did they live, how did they die…. What was said about them? I followed up by Grandparents up to the 16th Generation…

I asked my Mum about her line. I visited several uncles of mine. I looked at them, and discovered where I got my big round head from…. I visited where my Father’s mother Oware, came from in Alego Nyadhi… And discovered that I got my slight stammer from the place… I visited Bunyore, where the Grandmother to my Father, Salome Adiang’a, came from and discovered where my height (or lack of it) came from.
I observed several things and discovered that I’m a product of of a Bloodline…..

As much as you discover the physical tributes, there are some spiritual things you discover….
Like in my Kaugagi clan, I looked around and found that there is a trend of “Big Name, No Money” Yaani several globally acclaimed names, well known national figures but they are as broke as hell….

I checked out lots of my Uncles from my Mums and discovered a trend of huge success… Then followed by financial collapse at the height of their success…. Like five were highly successful, but then each made tactical errors like getting into politics, marrying wrong number wives, or getting over ambitious in business…..

I checked out my Bunyore roots and discovered that they had serious issues with anger… Ile hasira mpaka una haribu maisha yako….
So basically, by looking at my Bloodline, I got to discover myself….
So, any time I get into prayer, I know what to pray against….

Any time I face temptation, I know what this will lead to….
It is critical to know your roots…. Kama Kuna divorce kwa line yako… Be extra careful about breaking up… Deal with that voice telling you to walk out of your marriage…. It may be the spirit of your ancestors that led to divorce, followed by early death after divorce… Resist!!!

If you come from a place like Kaugagi, where there are issues with big names and no money…. Pigana na hiyo spirit.. And make sure you monetize your fame and invest wisely….

If it is a case like my Bunyore roots, where unajam mpaka unavunja vitu, hadi marriage… And you know that.. Whenever the anger rises… Remember how anger messed your relatives and fight that spirit… Cool down…

When you are highly successful… And suddenly, ladies start loving you… Don’t think that you are handsome Nani!!! That is how your uncle and grandfather started, and married 10 wives and got finished financially….. Be careful Nani…. Don’t think that you are handsome… That’s what finished your people….

As Paul says, you run your race and fight with knowledge, fight uki jua una Pigana na nini….
So, whenever you see your relatives in Chama or in organizations of cousins etc… Do not dispise… Join the Chama as and such meetings
Why do you think Obama came all the way back to Alego, and spent time talking to his relatives????
It is after knowing himself, that his star rose…..

If someone can travel all the way from Chicago to Alego… Wewe you cannot even leave Nairobi to Kisumu, or Murang’a or Malindi….
Have a thoughtful day ahead… And get to know your roots……..

Know your roots, It is critical to know your BLOODLINE, very critical…..



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