Kisii comedy night is for all Kenyans, DP Ruto and Sonko likely to attend at Kenya National Theatre

The Mkisii ni Mkisii comedy night will be at the Kenya National Theatre tonight and thousands have promised to grace the occasion to witness the best of comedy from the land of Matoke. Presentations will be in English and Sheng and thus open for all.

Gusii politicians are at the front row tonight with Hon Omingo Magara, Senator Omanga, Hon Arati, Hon Osoro among others expected to attend.

There are unconfirmed reports that Governor Mike Sonko and DP Ruto may drop by briefly, just last weekend President Uhuru and supreme leader Raila Odinga made an appearance at the Carnivore grounds during the UB40 live concert.

Here is additional reporting by Business Dairy newspaper:

Lead actor Cyprian Osoro doesn’t want to be misunderstood. When he and Victor Nyaata came up with the idea of having a live ‘Gusii Night of Comedy’, they didn’t intend for only Kisii people to come see their show on February 8 at the Kenya National Theatre.

“Our performance will blend Swahili and English together with Gusii,” says the actor who, like Nyaata, is probably best known for his comedic roles in Heartstrings Entertainment’s ‘rib-tickling’ plays.

Just because their theatre company is called Mkisii ni Mkisii and their Saturday night live show is called Ensacha Enkungu which in Kisii loosely means ‘A man who behaves like a cowardly woman’, also doesn’t mean they aim to exclude anyone.

Nick Kwach, another Heartstrings’ ‘star’ eagerly testifies to the multilingual character of Mkisii ni Mkisii as well as their show. “Just the same way we love Rumba music but don’t understand Lingala, so we can appreciate Kisii comedy without knowing every word,” Kwach says.

Source: kenyagist

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