Kilimani Murder: New CCTV Footage Emerges With Fresh Evidence

  • New CCTV footage has emerged with evidence further implicating Robert Ouko in the murder case of businessman Kelvin Omwenga in Kilimani Nairobi.

    The CCTV was recorded at Chris Obure’s office located along Galana Road, Nairobi. Obure was roped into the murder after Ouko used his pistol to reportedly kill Omwenga. 

    The footage captured Ouko at Obure’s office on the same day Omwenga died, Saturday, August 22. Obure’s bodyguard entered the office at 6:26 am and headed for the keys to open the safe where the Ceska pistol was stored.

    He was also spotted communicating with an unidentified individual on a walkie talkie. Ouko then picked the Ceska pistol, cocked it and walked out of the office at 6:29 am. 

    Chris Obure (left) and his bodyguard Robert Ouko (right) at a Nairobi court in August 2020

    After Omwenga was rushed to hospital following the altercation at his Kilimani estate, Ouko was once again spotted at Obure’s office. 

    This time, the CCTV captured him returning Obure’s pistol to the safe at 11:37 pm. He also filled the magazine after reportedly emptying one round into Omwenga. 

    He left the office at 11:43 pm and allegedly headed to Kilimani Police Station where he was detained as a suspect. 

    In his recorded statement, Ouko stated that he was not a licensed gun holder but learnt how to use firearms online. 

    The Directorate of Criminal Investigation may use the footage to contradict Ouko who claimed that he accidentally shot Omwenga as it depicted that he had the motive to murder.

    Ouko had defended himself by claiming that Omwenga wanted to show off the gun to his female friend. Obure on his end argued that he was not aware of Ouko’s plans. 

    A woman who was captured on CCTV footage showing Omwenga’s last minutes before and after the murder alleged that Ouko requested to speak with the businessman privately in the bedroom and that is when the shooting occurred.

    Ouko and Obure were denied plea bargains on Friday, September 4, with the judge ordering them to undertake a mandatory mental test before taking a plea on Monday, September 7. 

    Businessman Kevin Omwenga who was shot dead in his Kilimani, Nairobi apartment in August 2020

    Watch the CCTV footage


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