Kibra listens to ‘baba’ , will elect ODM’s Imran Okoth

Kibra listens to ‘baba’ , will elect ODM’s Imran Okoth

By Philip Nyamai

They now claim that these people do not have voters cards and IDs. Let me tell you something about these people.

The people of Kibra listen to Baba like they do to their Creator. They don’t have to see him to believe his words, they listen to few individuals whom when they see, they know they have been sent by the big man. That’s how they turned up in large nunbers during swearing in of the People’s President, that’s how no form of repeat election in 2017 took place in Kibra. That’s how they came in large numbers to protect their son when he landed from USA back in 2017. That’s how they ensured the former IEBC boss went home. That’s how the current IEBC boss quickly provided the register ODM asked for because he knew the people of Kibra will come for him. Take it or leave it, not a single person from this crowd is lacking voter’s card. The result of this coming by election will attest to this. Wait.

You people even forget that Baba himself is voter in Kibra. Why do you think he never chose those other places? Kibra is where his heart lies.

I remember not long ago Baba revealed to a private gathering how the people of Kibra operates. That once the ‘mbiu ya mgambo’ is sounded, they will troop in one direction without sparing whatever they’ll find on their way.

Ladies and gentlemen, mbiu ya mgambo has already been sounded in Kibra, don’t come their way whether you are Owalos or Marigas of this world, #KibraDecides

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