Kibera Man’s Covid-19 Initiative Benefits 600 Families

An aerial view of Kibra slum in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Moses Omondi from Kibera, Nairobi started ‘Adopt a Family’ Initiative that has so far benefited over 600 families who have been hard hit by effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Having been raised in the biggest slum in the country, Omondi knows too well the challenges faced by residents like the back of his hands.

    Omondi’s Adopt a Family initiative seeks to cushion families that have borne the brunt of Covid-19 economic effects in four ways.

    An aerial view of Kibra slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

    He aids the families through the voucher system, food donation, direct money transfers and setting up small scale businesses.

    The Adopt a Family initiative was started back in April through Omondi in conjunction with a number of well off individuals who donate to vulnerable families.

    “I started this initiative called Adopt a Family, people were hard hit by the directive that was issued where the government wanted people to stay home to adhere to social distancing.

    “As a result, many families lost their income, my major responsibility is to reach out and mobilise resources through my network,” noted Omondi.

    The philanthropist has a team of volunteers who have the responsibility of identifying vulnerable families through their own criteria.

    For accountability and transparency, the initiative has put in place an M-Changa account which has three mandatory signatures and also filing of receipts.

    Abigael Wayo was a recent beneficiary of the initiative as she received two boxes of biscuits and sweets to open up a small scale business to sustain herself.

    Marion, a widow who used to sell porridge received a voucher from the Adopt a Family initiative to buy some foodstuffs.

    Omondi is among a number of Kenyans seeking to offer a helping hand to the vulnerable during the Covid-19 pandemic that has rendered many jobless.