Khaminwa Speaks on Police Visiting Him After BBI Case

  • Senior Counsel John Khaminwa has spoken after reports that police officers visited his office following his submission on the BBI case on Friday, July 2.

    Speaking to on Saturday, July 3,  Khaminwa dismissed reports that police officers visited him, rather, he noted that imposters stopped by and asked for money.

    He added that the impersonaters referred to a matter that the firm had previously handled.

    Veteran Senior Counsel John Khaminwa in court

    “They claimed to be police officers on duty but I did not get the impression that they were officers at all. They asked for money but we did not give them,” Khaminwa stated.

    Reports surfaced on Saturday, July 3, that the renowned lawyer, who is acting for the anti-BBI team, had been visited by police officers following his submissions during the BBI case hearing.

    “Police Officers at Wakili, Dr Khaminwa’s office. Just a day after BBI case submissions at the Court of Appeal…,” Hustler Nation Spokesman Dennis Itumbi had written on Twitter.

    Following the reports, the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) condemned the police for intimidating the advocate.

    “We have received worrying reports of police officers visiting the offices of Senior Counsel Khaminwa ostensibly for his submission in the BBI Appeal. Such retaliatory acts of intimidation have no place in our society.

    “We must fight back and protect those speaking truth to power,” KHCR stated.

    The 84-year-old veteran lawyer asked the court to turn its face against President Uhuru Kenyatta, blaming him for always disrespecting the court.

    “The President of the Republic of Kenya has filed an application and I am inviting you very respectfully, My Lords, that you do not take note of the application at all…

    When you come to the court you must come with clean hands, the president has not come to this court with clean hands at all,” Khaminwa argued. 

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