KFCB Bans Kenyan Movie

A poster image of Kenyan film 'I am Samuel'
  • Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has banned a Kenyan movie, which it claims contravenes the Kenyan Penal Code. 

    In a statement by the KFCB CEO Chris Wambua on Thursday, September 23, the decision to restrict the film by the name ‘I am Samuel’ is based on its deliberate advocacy for and normalization of the same gender marriages. 

    “I am Samuel” is a documentary that propagates values that are in dissonance with our constitution, culture, values and norms and is as such unacceptable†the CEO stated. 

    A poster image of Kenyan film ‘I am Samuel’

    According to Kenya law: Section 165 of the Penal Code, gayism and lesbianism is prohibited in Kenya and therefore, any films or broadcast content appearing to legalize, normalize or glorify the act is prohibited, unacceptable and an affront to our cultural identity. 

    According to KFCB, after examining the film they came to an agreement and classified it as RESTRICTED. 

    According to KFCB the film is a documentary featuring a blossoming love story of a gay couple that has thrived through challenges and opposition. 

    KFCB castigated the production of explicit local content funded by foreign organisations with the aim of selling in the country foreign ideologies that go against the Kenyan culture. 

    “In a country that highly values its moral fabric and jealously guards its culture, infiltration of such films is aimed at tearing apart our societal values and cause the acceptance of warped and wayward behaviours.†the statement read. 

    Wambua also called upon parents, guardians and caregivers to remain vigilant and monitor what their kids watch on TV or other broadcast channels and guide them appropriately. 

    The CEO assured full support to both local and foreign funding of films but asked those responsible for the production of content to ensure that they are aligned with the Kenyan law. 

    Earlier in September 2018, the board restricted a film by the name ‘Rafiki’ on grounds that it promoted gayism and lesbianism. 

    KFCB board members during a press briefing on Thursday, September 23,2021
    KFCB board members during a press briefing on Thursday, September 23,2021