Kenyans Warned Over Cyclone Jobo Approaching Mombasa

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA)
  • The Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) has issued an alert to Kenyans bordering the coastline to watch out for the imminent landfall of the tropical cyclone Jobo.

    The authority stated that Jobo is expected to hit the Kenyan coastline, at midnight on Monday, April 26. 

    Mombasa, Kilifi, and Kwale counties are likely to be affected the most.

    The rare cyclone approaching the coastline is equivalent to a strong tropical storm with winds traveling at a speed of over 240 kilometers per hour. 

    Kenya Ports Authority (KPA)

    The phenomenon is expected to bring heavy rainfall and possible flooding, with between 200 to 400 millimeters of rain expected within 24 hours as it makes landfall, reports indicated.

    The authority affirmed that emergency response teams had already been deployed at the coast.  Further, all sea operations have been scaled down.

    “KMA has directed all operating vessels, passengers, and the general public venturing into the Indian ocean to refrain,” the authority stated.

    Initially, the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) had instructed all ships to implement necessary actions in order to secure the vessels against strong winds.

    KPA proposed measures such as doubling of mooring lines, maintaining ships close to the shore, and ensuring the crew is on high alert.

    The news comes after Tanzania Meteorological Agency warned its citizens to keep off the ocean shores due to the tropical cyclone.

    Agnes Kijazi, the director-general of the Tanzania Meteorological Agency, added that certain parts of Tanzania would experience increased rainfall.

    “The storm is expected to affect the Zanzibar archipelago as well as the Mafia Island. Dar es Salaam will also be affected by severe weather,” Kijazi noted.

    Tropical Cyclone Jobo approaching the East African coastline
    Tropical Cyclone Jobo approaching the East African coastline

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