Kenyans Compare Wedding Budgets in Viral Debate

  • When activist Boniface Mwangi shared a photograph, on his social media accounts, of his friends wedding at a budget of Ksh60,000, a passionate debate quickly ensued. 

    The majority of netizens elicited criticism on the budget expenditure, pointing out how the price tag was valued at a figure deemed to be high for such a cutthroat economy. They wondered how the bride and the groom would pay through the nose for a one-day event.

    An average range of Ksh20,000 and below (some quoting as low as Ksh3,000) for a full wedding was deemed as the fair tag- with most agreeing that civil ceremonies were ideal for couples on a tight budget. 

    Congregants at a wedding in a church in Kenya

    “Less than 30 people attended our wedding and it cost us Ksh20,000. It was officiated by the Anglican Priest (Civil Ceremony).”

    “I did mine, a very colourful one with a budget of Ksh23,000 and we are happily married.”

    “The price is still expensive, I paid the Ksh600 after 21 days, I paid another Ksh3,300 which amounts to a total of Ksh3,900. We got our certificate today at the Attorney General’s office and had lunch at our home. Civil Way is the best,” read some of the comments. 

    Others, on the other hand, did not mind breaking the bank for the momentous occasion. Figures such as Ksh500,000 were quoted by a section of Kenyans who would spare no expense when walking down the aisle. 

    “Another user set a wedding budget: whereby grounds would cost Ksh330,000, photography/videography would go for Ksh60,000, cake Ksh40,000, an emcee would cost Ksh30,000, DJ and Decs to account for Ksh15,000.

    “The dancers would be paid Ksh6,000, the bride’s gown to go for Ksh30,000, security personnel to be paid Ksh10,000, band and worship to go for Ksh20,000, sound and equipment Ksh20,000 and rings to account for Ksh18,000 which sums to Ksh579,000.”

    “My niece’s wedding is estimated to cost Ksh700,000 not forgetting how the pandemic hit everyone in every part of the world, they still didn’t care! They wanted the wedding by all means!” read some of the comments. 

    Diana Muthoni from Kenya Wedding Planners, had recently affirmed to that couples ought to plan their wedding based on the budget and should not go a notch higher. 

    “Planning a wedding varies from client to client because it depends on the details. What may be considered as a simple wedding for you may not be regarded as a simple wedding by another person,” she stated.

    A wedding event.
    A wedding event.