Kenyan Who Lost His Leg But Earns a Living Digging Shambas

Kenyan farmers harvesting their crops
  • A Kenyan man who lost one of his legs has resorted to digging farms to earn a living.

    Stephen Ndicho Chege, who lost his leg in 2019, stated that he would rather work for the money than borrow money on the streets.

    In a video seen by, Chege arrives at one of the farms in crutches which he uses to support himself as he walks. In his hands, he carries a hoe which he uses while working.

    Kenyan farmers harvesting their crops

    Chege slowly but carefully puts away his crutches and sits on the portion of land he is scheduled to work on. While seated, he begins digging, just like any other ordinary man.

    Once he is done with a portion, he uses his arms to move around the farm to ensure that he covers the area given to him.

    Chege lost his leg through an amputation in 2019. Unable to afford an artificial leg, he managed to get crutches which he uses to move around.

    “His leg was amputated two years ago. He asked for help from anyone who could help him get artificial legs so that he can stand on his own once again,” one resident stated.

    He added that although he works while seated, his work is as good as other casual labourers who have both legs.

    The residents called for Governor Mwangi Wa Iria and Woman Representative Sabina Chege and all leaders from the county to come together and help Chege get an artificial leg. 

    They further urged the officials working in the disability offices to ensure that Chege gets his share of money remitted monthly to people who are challenged, stating that it would help sustain him.

    According to the Kenya Disability Resource, persons with severe disabilities receive monthly under the National Safety Net Programme.

    Each household receives Ksh2,000 per month which is paid every two months through appointed payment agents.

    Residents of two villages in Kandara Sub County dig trenches for a government project
    Residents of two villages in Kandara Sub County dig trenches for a government project.