Kenyan Girl Behind Black Panther Movie Special Effects [VIDEO]

An image of Grace
  • Grace Murema, the founder of East Africa’s first special effects product line opened up on not being paid after working on Hollywood blockbuster Black Panther.

    In an interview with NTV, Murema revealed that she was not bothered about not being paid as she saw the opportunity as exposure.

    “We were not paid, but for me, it was fine because it was exposure for me as it opened other opportunities.

    “I’ve done two movies in Kenya, Disconnect and 40 Sticks which is yet to be released, I’ve done some series, there is Mgema Akisifiwa, I did the pilot for Maria and a couple of ads,” she explained.

    Grace Murema, the founder of East Africa’s first special effects product line doing some special effects make up.

    The special effects make-up artist, however, noted that projects are hard to come by but the few she gets are well paying and keep her going. 

    She decided to set up a special effects school to train students after being overwhelmed with projects and could not outsource because they had to be trained by her.

    Her lack of motivation to pursue a cooperate job pushed her to enroll in a beauty school where she earned massage, nails, facial and hairdressing skills.

    She developed a taste towards makeup three years later after joining the beauty school but worked in an estate spa which she did not fancy due to the experience from clients.

    Her road to the top, however, was one bumpy ride as she was forced to take a break after being paid a monthly salary of Ksh2,000.

    While on the break, Murema noted that while watching the series Grey’s Anatomy she was fascinated by the special effects in the production.

    She decided to enroll to a Special Effects school in South Africa in 2013 after failing to find a school that offered the course in East Africa.

    One of the other projects she has worked on is ‘48 Hours Film Project’ a global project for creatives who showcase their skills within 48 hours.