Kenyan Comedian Who’s Making it Big on YouTube


Acquiring 100,000 subscribers on YouTube is a milestone for any content creator as it is an indicator of the work one has put out and whether the intended audience has been receptive and begging for more. 

For Kenyan comedian, Ajaabu, whose real name is Shaffie Chemasuet, his account getting to 100,000 subscribers in December after one year was a big deal as he was awarded the silver button by YouTube.

Speaking to, Ajaabu, who produces his skits and shares them online, stated that he was honoured to get the recognition from the global video-sharing platform.

Ajaabu the comedian. His YouTube channel hit 100,000 subscribers in December 2019.

“The silver button is a validation that I am doing something right and the next step is to get verified,” he stated.

He is a journalist by profession specialising in producing, editing and directing but started comedy when he was in high school.

“I got my break in comedy in a show called NTV Prankstars while I was still in campus,” he told

His content creation process is well thought out and has team members who he consults.

“Sometimes, I create my own story which happens in our human life then I share to my cast to brainstorm and then we can be on the same page,” he added.

Ajaabu explained that consistency was key in content creation and maintains a regular uploading schedule.

“I can upload thrice a week or twice on Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” he revealed. 

Among the biggest lessons he’s learnt in comedy is the need to be focused, creative and ignoring negative advice from other creators. 

Ajaabu gets constant feedback from his fans who message him about his videos and he improves his content from the responses.

He disclosed that monetization with AdSense helps get money to cater for production costs and pay his cast members.

“I have worked with some brands and advertising some small businesses as a revenue source,” he added.

Ajaabu the comedian is a YouTube comedian with over 100,000 subscribers. 

Ajaabu explained that the most challenging part of content creation was producing content that did not get the traction he wanted. 

His favourite video is ‘Census Imeleta Shida Ajaabu wa Githurai Akapigwa Hadi Kazima Ziiii’ where he depicts a drunk man who was assaulted by police during the census period.

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