Kenyan Billionaire in Fight With Grandchildren Over Ksh 7B Empire

File image of a court gavel
  • Two children have filed a suit against their billionaire grandfather Samwel Mburu, the owner of Jade Collections, over his Ksh7 billion empire.

    According to a report by Business Daily on Thursday, June 3, Kevin Wakaimba and Ivan Wakaimba, want their grandfather to include them in the distribution of his wealth.

    In their court papers, the two argue that they still have school fees to clear and want to receive a share of Mburu’s expansive wealth.

    Kevin revealed that he was forced to drop out of a film course he was pursuing in a university in South Africa due to school fees challenges.

    File image of a court gavel

    Ivan, on the other hand, disclosed that he was dismissed from an aviation school in Malindi due to failure of settling his school fees.

    The two further claimed that the family  has segregated them after the aftermath of their father’s passing 31 years ago when he was involved in and accident.

    They also claimed that they were evicted from their father’s 100-acre flower farm that is worth millions.

    Mburu has sprawling wealth that include the expansive clothing store Jade collections that has branches in Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu and Eldoret.

    His other wealth include business premises, rental apartments and acres of land found in Rift Valley as well as major towns such as Nairobi and Eldoret.

    The tussle has expounded on Kenyan wealthy families that are often thrown into a legal battle over the distribution of their wealth, in most cases after the proprietors pass away.

    Some of the families that have been left include those of Njenga Karume, John Michuki and Gerishon Kirima.

    For Karume, the wrangle hit the headlines after one of his granddaughters died as she couldn’t afford medical fees when she desperately needed it.

    In Kirima’s case, the tycoon died while his family fought over his vast financial empire.

    Kirima’s financial empire is estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of shillings, and remains subject of the protracted family feud.

    Former Cabinet Minister and tycoon Njenga Karume
    Former Cabinet Minister and tycoon Njenga Karume.


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