Kenyan Amputee Shares Heart-wrenching Experience Under Britain Lockdown [VIDEO]

An image of David Etale
British Army veteran David Etale has opened up on the tough living conditions of life under lockdown in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Etale had travelled to Manchester, England for surgery when the Coronavirus pandemic hit the United Kingdom and had to move back to his home Edinburgh as he feared for his life.

In a video call with Citizen TV, Etale shared the horrors of life under lockdown, “I had to go back to my home in Edinburgh in Scotland and coming here I thought I was safe but just a few doors down my street we found there was a Coronavirus victim, the street had been cordoned off and I can’t leave, I’m disabled.”

The 34-year-old lost his leg back in 2009 when a vehicle they were travelling in hit an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Afghanistan. 

David Etale seated in the gym.


Etale has undergone numerous surgeries on his leg and had travelled to Manchester when the virus hit the UK, “I went through the 34th surgery on my leg when everything all started I was in a hospital in Manchester.

“I was discharged and was in a supermarket to get stuff. People pushed me and I fell down, it was quite funny because we were fighting for toilet paper.

“It was embarrassing, I just laughed and that’s when I knew how serious this thing is, in Afghanistan and Iraq you are fighting the enemy and now you are fighting something that you can’t see.

“In the hospital, they did not tell us that the Coronavirus victims had already started coming in, they had to take me through the back door because I had an open wound and they did not want me to contaminate anything.

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Despite being on the battleground fighting terrorists, Etlae revealed that the virus sends shivers down his spine, “Anyone who tells you that they are not scared, they’d be absolutely lying because today there was a death of lady that was 21 years old, she died of the Coronavirus and she did not have any complications. 

The army veteran also took time to share a message to Kenyans, “To my brothers and sisters back home I have huge families and friends there, I’ve listened to what the government has done and I commend them for that.

Watch Etale narrate his experience here: 

“People should be vigilant, don’t be careless because you are praying to God to protect you from the Coronavirus, God can only protect you if you protect yourself so it has to be you before you start pointing fingers at anyone else, you need to look after your loved ones.”

Etale played in the Kenyan Premier League for KCB and Tusker FC before joining the British army.

He is currently writing a book and plans to come to Kenya to sell the book and work with women who have lost husbands in Somalia fighting for the country. 

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