Kenyan Actress Featured in Major Netflix Film

Cast of Wonder Years
  • 22-year-old Laura Kariuki made her first debut on “Black Lightning†a TV series on Netflix after the show did a recast where she replaced Chinne Anne McClain who is not a new name in the industry.

    The stunning Kariuki made a mark after her debut, raising questions on who the rising star was.  

    Laura is a graduate from the Oklahoma City University School of Theatre. She was pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Acting Major. While in school, she got acting credits from screen appearances in shows such as Submission, Trojan horse and the Bluest eyes.

    Cast of “Wonder Years”. Left,Laura Kariuki and on the far right Dule Hill.

    Her talent led her to be cast in yet another film “The Wonder Yearsâ€, a film starring Dule Hill, a renowned actor in America. He is known for his appearance in Psych, Ballers and Suits among other shows.

    The future looks bright for Kariuki as she got cast in a major role on a Netflix film, “Along For the Rideâ€. The film is based on a novel by Sarah Dessen which is a New York Times Best Selling Author.

    The film is written and directed by Sofia Alvarez. She is known for her exceptional work in directing the teen romance comedy “To All The Boys I Ever Lovedâ€, which was a hit globally.

    Netflix announced the film and stated it was expected to start shooting in April at Wilmington. Kariuki will act alongside Hollywood stars Dermot Mulroney and Kate Bosworth.

    Recently, a number of Kenyan films have made their way to Netflix. Just in Time, The boy who harnessed the wind, Poached, 40 sticks are some of the films.

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