Kenya Lectures UN on Climate Change, Issues Stern Warning

Cattle from six counties that have been affected by the drought arrive at the Kenya Meat Commission on February 8, 2017.
  • Kenya, through the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Raychel Omamo, has faulted the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for having unrealistic strategies in dealing with climate change across the world. 

    During her presentation on Friday, September 24, Omamo assured the UNSC of Kenya’s support in pursuit of climate and security solutions but faulted their approach to climate change and insecurity.

    The CS warned the council that the search for peace and solutions to climate-related vagaries is becoming more problematic, and failure to use the proper approach to handle these problems will be counterproductive. 

    “On its part, and given its primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security, the Council should also take a realistic approach to dealing with climate change particularly in climate conflict situations,†the CS remarked.

    Cattle from six counties that have been affected by the drought arrive at the Kenya Meat Commission on February 8, 2017.

    The CS was making her presentation during the UNSC open debate on maintenance of International Peace and Security in regard to climate change.

    She told the security council that the situation in Kenya and Africa is almost becoming unbearable and the strategies applied are not bearing fruit. 

    The CS asked the UNSC to come up with early warning systems, which would help in mapping out hotspots for climate change and consequently help in early decision making to reduce conflicts.

    She warned the council that their lack of strategy will make the countries and regions waste time and resources on focusing on managing and resolving conflicts between the directly and indirectly affected areas. 

    “UN Peacekeeping and peacebuilding missions especially those in Africa must have clear climate action mandates, including environmental protection and restoration particularly within the sprawling refugee camps within our continent,†she noted.

    The CS proceeded to urge the UNSC that in their search for solutions,  they should ensure they have data and tools that will measure how climate change and insecurity have affected different people, especially in terms of gender. 

    “We will, in this regard, remain a strong and consistent voice for Africa, and the Global South, including Small Island Developing States in the pursuit of representative climate and security solutions,†she concluded, assuring the UNSC that Kenya is still committed to helping the world in finding solutions for vagaries of climate change and insecurity.

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